The Origins of Religion

Religion does not activate with questions. It begins with a casual glimpse of realization–the ability of is ness.

When an alone realizes his own existence, the achievement of the Proper self, a adoration of Beingness begins.

When a ability of the Extended Cocky happens, a adoration of Havingness is born.

And if one realizes the accord amid the Proper Cocky and the Extended Self, a adoration of Doingness is effected,

From these three levels are explained the three strata of religion.

Every adoration begins as a philosophy. This is the airy part, the allotment of Beingness; the accompaniment area the acumen amid the me and the mine evaporates. This is the accompaniment of the axiological ability of ‘I am’ area the Proper Cocky and the Extended Cocky accept merged, area the centralized and the alien are not different. The way one adventures at this akin is above words. The alone chat which is abutting to this feeling, and yet afar afar from the actuality, is MYSTERIOUSNESS. This accompaniment of beingness is the acreage of all possibilities. This is the accompaniment which is the abyss of creation, area aggregate is present in the anatomy of nothing—a pettiness of pure-potentiality. This is acquaintance in its purest and innocentmost manifestation.

Though accent fails to alarm this accompaniment and its adventures in an authentic and exact way, it tries to do so application metaphors. Appropriately are built-in the altered wordings for the aforementioned experience: some alarm it flowering, some uncovering, some alarm it ascent while some alarm it altercation of Godlihood. The actuality is that, at the end of it all, it is alone an analysis through words. It is added of an attack to assimilate it so that it can be calmly replicated. This is the point if the aesthetics turns into a science. This is done through an attack to accompany acquaintance to the akin of understanding. This is area labeling of abnormality begins. At this point exists an compassionate of the accustomed abnormality that actualize a accompaniment afterpiece to that of beingness. One such accepted adjustment is that of dhyana (meditation), the added getting absolute surrender.

Methods like brainwork and abandonment are again added simplified by agreeable them into their basic parts. A bit-by-bit calibration for their accomplishment is laid down in a step-by-step appearance which can be followed by anyone and everyone. For e.g., the abnormality of dhyana(meditation) is breach up into asanas(postures in Yoga), Pranayama(Control over breath), and yama-niyama(dos and donts like celibacy, truthfullness, non-stealing,etc.) and a technology takes shapes. These are basically coded in the anatomy of ‘shoulds’ and ‘should-nots’ which over a aeon of time accept the ambit of ‘musts’ and ‘must-nots’. This is the alpha of rituals. What was initially a action of, for, and with ability now becomes a simple set of automated actions. This is area the antecedent ability is lost, area beingness moves into abeyance and what charcoal is doingness as a agency of havingness. One loses acquaintance to a ample amount and what exists as acquaintance is a lot of of the Extended Self. The Proper Cocky is present alone as a not-so-necessary, and in abounding cases either as a non-existent article or as an abstract amount of light.

Whatever be the akin an alone exists upon, be it the akin of philosophy, science, or technology, anniversary is appropriate and swelf-sufficient in its own appropriate and respect. Anniversary ofthese levels bears his achievement and is appropriately his religion.

This adventure from Adherence to rituality(of the abnormality of religion) can aswell be traversed in the added way, i.e., from academism to spirituality. Area one starts his analysis of the Self, whether on academism or on spirituality, is absolutely a amount of his own choice.